We are not just stand up trainers and consultants - our people have a broad range of skills gained from first hand, sharp-end experience at senior level in diverse, competitive markets. This means we understand your industry and will quickly gain credibility with your people, attacking the challenges of your business and providing practical and implementable solutions.

Our programmes are totally interactive - we instil lasting changes in peoples’ approach, motivation and actions in line with pre-agreed objectives. By working together over an extended period, we ensure that our programmes meet your specific business challenges.

Competitive advantage - we believe this comes from having better trained and more highly skilled people than your competitors. Our unique programmes are designed and implemented with this in mind.

PiP programmes are totally results-based - everything we do is measured in terms of results improvement from start to finish. We have many examples including testimonials, case studies and delegate feedback to support this.

We work closely with organisations of all sizes - from delivering projects in numerous countries for global businesses, to local companies who aim to grow and develop. Whatever the size of your business, you will receive the same personal attention and support from our dedicated team.

Proven results - our successes are proven and the excellent return on investment has resulted in our partnering with long term clients, both nationally and internationally, in a wide range of business sectors. The quality of our people, strength of material and robust delivery style are what makes PiP Associates an ideal partner for your commercial training and development needs.