General Management Training Programmes


Often we promote from within for many good reasons including loyalty, continuity, knowledge, as part of our succession planning or because it’s “better the devil you know.” Managers then either learn from experience or mistakes and can develop bad habits from a self-taught approach.

Practical and solid general management training programmes can increase managerial confidence, effectiveness and performance. We have developed a range of interactive management programmes, pitched at various levels, which develop management skills in the key areas of leadership, empowerment, performance assessment, team development, prioritising, affecting change and decision making - plus many others.

We have worked with many organisations, both nationally and globally and seen that managers in all areas of the business can make great strides forward if they are given the skills and encouragement that client-specific training can bring.

General Management Training Courses

Who should attend:

Aspiring, new or experienced managers will benefit from this programme, as it can be run at different levels from team leader through to senior management. Often, best results are gained from cross functional groups, where managers share best practice and experience, developing a more business-centric management style. We also coach management skills on an individual basis.

General Management Training Programmes


  • A toolkit of practical management skills.
  • Improved confidence and managerial effectiveness.
  • The development of a range of appropriate management styles.
  • Managers who can affect change in business performance.
  • Action Plans for implementation of management initiatives.

All PiP Associates programmes can be tailored to each client's objectives and specific requirements. For further information on our General Management Training programmes please use our Contact Us page.