Key Account Management Training


In a world of rapid business growth, acquisitions and consolidations, for most businesses key accounts make up an increasing proportion of their revenue and profits. Accordingly, the risks associated with business losses become greater, but also the opportunities for growth and improved profitability are enormous. Managing key accounts and delivering profitable growth requires a world class key account management methodology, including planning, real customer knowledge, enduring customer relationships and the ability to identify opportunities and deliver tangible projects.

Given that relatively small changes can make a big difference to the profitability of key accounts, we will need robust Key Account Plans that everyone in the business buys into.

The Key Account Management training programme builds the skills required to enable senior account managers and directors to understand the motivators, metrics and monitors that drive key accounts and deliver profitable growth in the face of increasingly more professional and informed buyers.

Key Account Management Training

Who should attend:

Anyone who is managing accounts of significant importance to your business, or who can influence the performance of those accounts.

Key Account Management Training Courses


  • Identification of major growth and profit opportunities.
  • The building of Key Account Plans that will drive profitable growth.
  • A better understanding of your key accounts and their drivers.
  • The development of long term relationships and commitment from key accounts.
  • Improved account margins, utilising the power of 1%.

All PiP Associates Programmes are tailored to each client's objectives and requirements. If you would like further information on how our Key Account Management Programme can help your business, please use our Contact Us page.