Managing Price Increases Training Programme


Buyers demand high quality and service as standard, whilst creating competition to ensure that prices are continually moving downwards. Tenders, E-auctions and internet research have all contributed to this pressure on pricing; managing price increases is therefore a challenging process!

This expectation of ever-decreasing prices cannot be infinite - especially if your business has significant cost increases. So, how can you reverse this trend and start to increase prices and margins, whilst minimising the risk of losing business?

Many businesses have taken control of their manufacturing, distribution and quality processes. Who, though, is really taking control of pricing on a daily basis, ensuring that margins are maintained and improved wherever possible?

Through years of collating best practice and unique material, PiP Associates have developed a powerful range of techniques for implementing price and margin increases on an ongoing basis. Whether you intend to initiate a broad-scale price increase or take a more targeted approach to improving individual account margins, this programme can offer fantastic return on investment. All aspects of planning, preparation, negotiation and delivery are covered and this senior level programme results in a plan of action that will lead to significant bottom line improvement.

Managing Price Increase Training

Who should attend:

Salespeople, sales managers, commercial and all those who can affect the price and margin of customers will gain great value from this programme.

Managing Price Increase Programmes


  • Develops a “humble but resolute” approach to delivering price and margin improvement.
  • Maximises the returns and minimises business losses from price increases.
  • Identifies incremental margin opportunities from the price increase process.
  • Develops the skills and strategy for price increase implementation.
  • Facilitates a continuous margin improvement process.

All PiP Associates Training Programmes are tailored to each client's objectives and requirements. If you would like further information on how our Managing Price Increase Training could help your business, please use our Contact Us page.