New Business Development Plans


Research has shown that on average, at least 10% of existing business is lost every year. Add to this a growth budget of, say, 5% and you have a requirement of 15% new business for a successful year. Put this together with the ambition to get into new markets, often with new products, and you have an ongoing challenge to find, win and retain new business. Even for businesses at capacity, a new business development plan is essential in order to improve profits via substitution of low margin accounts.

The PiP New Business Development Programme provides the tools and skills to identify, win and retain a consistent flow of profitable new business.

We use live examples, from the identification of potential targets, writing letters of introduction and appointment making, through to monitoring and converting targets. We also demonstrate and coach delegates on how to lock in new customers for the long term.

New Business Development Plans

Who should attend:

Given that we advocate a one-team approach to new business, this programme is essential, not only for those in a customer-facing role, but for anyone who can participate in identifying and winning new business.

New Business Development Plans


  • Provides the tools and skills to develop a consistent flow of profitable new business.
  • Implements a unique new business process that reduces account development time.
  • Achieves real appointments which will kick-start the new business drive.
  • Maximises the participation of everyone involved in driving new business.
  • Develops a structured approach to monitoring the progress of new account development.

All PiP Associates Programmes are tailored to each client's objectives and requirements. If you would like further information on how our New Business Development Plans and Training Programmes could help your business, please use our Contact Us page.