Presentation Skills Training 


Presentations in the modern corporate environment are easy - write a host of Powerpoint slides with lots of bullet points, which the presenter can then read to the audience and at the same time use as a crutch to guide themselves through the presentation. This, unfortunately, is the reality of many corporate style presentations, which are often boring, lack engagement and deliver sub-optimal results.

Whether internal or external, one-to-one across a desk or in a group format, the skills of the presenter can be significantly enhanced through our training; using different presentation media, varying style to suit the recipients and delivering with confidence, passion and commitment.

The PiP Associates Presentation Skills Training Course, 'Presenting for Impact', is a highly participative and interactive workshop where delegates learn how to structure their presentations using the 4P’s - Preparation, Participation, Passion and Persuasion.

Making and holding connection with the audience by understanding their needs whilst preparing well enough to present a resolution that has impact and gains results is a fundamental part of this course. Through video footage, which can be reviewed after the course, delegates can chart their personal progress, delivering presentations of increasing levels of sophistication, resulting in a template for gaining greater impact from all presentations.

Presentation Skills Training

Who should attend:

Anyone who makes presentations, both internally or externally, up to and including board level, will find this course of great value.

Presentation Skills Training for Impact


  • Significantly improved presentation skills.
  • Focus on the key areas of Preparation, Participation, Passion and Persuasion.
  • The confidence to deliver presentations using a variety of media.
  • Presentations that have impact and gain results.
  • Clear and meaningful objectives that drive ongoing improvement.

All PiP Associates training courses are tailored to each client's objectives and requirements. If you would like further information on how our Presenting for Impact training course could help your business, please use our Contact Us page.