Sales Management Training Courses : A Masterclass to Success


Sales Directors are used to achieving ambitious business targets, maximising results through their team, developing new business and improving the results from existing accounts.

But who provides the essential Sales Management Training Courses and support to Sales Directors and Sales Managers, keeping them up to date with best practice in sales management techniques? This is where we come in. Having run many Sales Director Masterclasses, we are aware of what world class performance looks like for Sales Leaders.

Concentrating on the key areas of leadership, coaching, monitoring, focus and decisiveness, we help Sales Directors develop a style and approach that will help them maximise the results from their team.

Our Sales Management Training course covers every aspect of performance improvement, including recruiting, training and motivating the best salespeople, helping Sales Directors develop a strategy for success.

Sales Management Training Courses

Who should attend:

Sales Directors, Commercial Directors, Sales Managers and Business Development Managers as well as aspiring Sales Leaders will all benefit from this programme. Our support ranges from one-to-one coaching through to group training in larger companies.

Sales Management Training Courses


  • Improved skills in the key areas of sales management.
  • Sharing of best practice from sales leaders around the world.
  • Improvement in sales team performance.
  • The development of a sales growth strategy.
  • Focus on the key areas that will drive business success.

All PiP Associates Programmes are tailored to each client's objectives and requirements. If you would like further information on how our Sales Management Training Course could help your business, please use our Contact Us page.