Sales Performance Coaching

Programme benefit

In our experience, developing talented individuals in the sales arena is often hampered by everyday business demands, targets and priorities, where managers don’t have time to develop their people well.

To prepare salespeople to progress through sales/account management, senior management, etc. we believe in a more structured approach to developing talent. 

Time needs to be regularly devoted to developing talented individuals and teams, developing the skills required both now and for the future in line with current business initiatives, to deliver even better results and progress through the business.  We call this Sales Performance Coaching - a programme of training, mentoring, coaching and guidance that is carried out at every level and in variable formats as appropriate.

Typically we commit 3-5 days per month to a client business, working on 24 month assignments, which give enough time to really make a difference, in line with agreed targets and deliverables.

The delivery of this combines our real business and industry knowledge, backed by an in-depth understanding of current management and sales techniques and the gravitas and passion to gain buy-in, plus a wealth of material and experience covering every aspect of sales and sales management development, borne from years of best practice and commercial experience.

Who should attend:

Sales Directors, Commercial Directors, Sales Managers and Business Development Managers as well as aspiring Sales Leaders will all benefit from this programme. Our support ranges from one-to-one coaching through to group training in larger companies.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Retains and develops talented salespeople and managers to a common high standard.
  • Helps salespeople improve their skills, confidence, performance and results.
  • Maximises the confidence and success of both individuals and the business.
  • Improves performance in key areas and understanding of current business initiatives.
  • Develops a sales performance strategy and succession planning.

All PiP Associates Programmes are tailored to each client's objectives and requirements. If you would like further information on how our Sales Performance Coaching could help your business, please use our Contact Us page.