Strategic Planning Programme


We all have our own personal targets, objectives and KPI’s, which we work hard to achieve on an ongoing basis. Our survey of blue chip companies, however, has revealed that few businesses have a clear strategy that is well communicated and bought into by everyone. The PiP Strategic Planning Programme delivers business planning clarity, with progress milestones and an implementation plan.   

Having a strategic plan, which is implemented and reviewed on an ongoing basis, is a vital component for success. A strategic plan is not just about having a mission statement, it is about having a clear understanding of where the business is going and how to get there.

By working through our structured and progressive strategic planning process with the Senior Management team and then delivering that strategy, we have seen impressive results in the achievement of corporate excellence.

By working on every area, from the overall aims of your business, right down to tactical plans for delivery, we end up with an overall plan that can be communicated and cascaded throughout the organisation.

Strategic & Leadership Training Programmes

Who should attend:

This is a senior level programme which needs the backing and commitment of both the main board and senior management teams. As the programme is rolled out, we then work with functional and department heads to ensure consistency of implementation.

We also run a sales-specific strategic planning process which devises and implements a short/long term sales plan.

Strategic & Leadership Training Courses


  • A strategic plan that is implemented throughout the business.
  • Plans that will enable responsiveness to changes in business landscape.
  • A robust communication plan with progress monitors.
  • Increased confidence and loyalty to the business.
  • A common message and approach that everyone buys into.

All PiP Associates training programmes can be tailored to each client's objectives and requirements. If you would like additional information on how our Strategic Planning Programme could help your business, please use our Contact Us page.